eliminare l'umidità con Kontrol DRY

KontrolDRY is a sophisticated technology system which, through the emission of a weak electromagnetic field, definitively eliminates excess humidity in walls, floors and structures in contact with the ground below, avoiding traumatic interventions on the masonry work.

Nessun intervento Murario
No masonry intervention
Veloce da installare
Quick to install
Facile da utilizzare
Easy to use
altamente tecnologico
Highly technological
risultato garantito a vita
Lifetime guaranteed result
adatto a tutti gli ambienti
Suitable for all environments
How does it work?
Sophisticated technology for any building.

KontrolDRY® is used, without any limitation, for the recovery and redevelopment of buildings affected by capillary rising damp phenomena, regardless of their construction materials.

The field generated, varying according to the model, from 6 to 20 meters, uniformly dehumidifies all the walls in contact with the ground, including floors and foundations. Each device is controlled by the manufacturer on the operation safety, easy to install and subsequently requires no maintenance.

The system activation only requires a simple connection to an electrical socket placed near the appliance.

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