Capillary rising (or rising) humidity, as we have widely seen in previous articles, is a very common phenomenon in all types of masonry.

The final solution exists (and it's simpler than you thought)!

Today, active electrophysical system is recognized as the definitive solution to rising damp problems. SKM introduced this system in Italy over 18 years ago and constantly developed it up to the current KontrolDRY technology. KontrolDRY "Capillary Rising Humidity Control System" is a small electronic device that, thanks to a very weak electromagnetic field emission, blocks humidity below the walls, thus preventing it from rising. Today, with its almost twenty years’ experience, the company boasts thousands of references in Italy and abroad, and accompanies devices installation by a lifetime warranty on the results. Over the years, numerous tests have been carried out, and various third-party certification and research bodies have tested their functioning and results. If you want to learn more, you can consult the following documentation:

KontrolDRY is harmless for people and animals (scientifically proven):

Electromagnetic field emission that blocks rising damp is a sensitive point to be faced, when we deal with electronic equipment. The concern about harmfulnes to health is legitimate and it is important to verify that tests have been carried out (by accredited bodies) with positive results. KontrolDRY Capillary Rising Humidity Control System has been subjected to several measurements of electromagnetic fields and has, to this day, official certifications that ensure its total safety. For example, we can mention TÜV Italia, CERMET and the University of Palermo (all certifications and scientific publications made available by the company, for maximum transparency).

How to solve the problem of rising damp definitively?

Today the solution is really at hand! For almost 20 years, SKM Italia has been dealing with the dehumidification of walls, through KontrolDRY technology. It is a definitive and lifetime guaranteed solution that requires no masonry intervention. It has no contraindications and it’s applicable on any type of masonry. Installation takes a few minutes and does not cause any discomfort in the home. Dehumidification will be completed in a variable time based on construction and environmental parameters and in any case not beyond 24 months.Over 18 years’ experience and over 2100 installations are the first guarantee for public and private customers. The company, which has over 50 professionals throughout the national territory, offers free inspections and estimates with highly technical expertise. You can ask for more information or contact from a technician by clicking here