What mold is and why it forms

Mold is formed by fungi and bacteria colonization. They occur when, inside an environment, water vapor amount is greater than air. These microorganisms have their ideal habitat in hot and humid places (bathrooms and kitchens are in fact the rooms most affected by this unsightly and above all unhealthy phenomenon). Capillary rising humidity and particularly condensation humidity are the main causes of this unpleasant and harmful phenomenon.

In hardware store or in supermarkets, we find a lot of miraculous "anti-mold and anti-humidity" paints, but do they really resolve the problem?

The so-called "anti-mold" paints promise to eliminate moisture visible effects such as mold and spores deposit on walls or furniture, but to eradicate the problem definitively it is necessary to identify and remove the causes. On the market there are countless products of different compositions (more or less chemical) but you have to be very careful because they all contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). They are various chemical compounds, inhaled during their use, particularly dangerous to health. Sanitizing capacity is however limited in time, as they require repeated applications and certainly the same problem will reappear next winter. Many of these products can give rise to a "boomerang" effect: blocking the natural transpiration of the walls, vapor excess inside the environment will deposit again on the surfaces, causing the same problem again.

How anti-mold paints work

Anti-mold paints, due to their composition, create a hostile environment for spores accumulation. First of all it is necessary to eliminate every trace of already present mold with a special product, or alternatively with bleach, taking care not to rub to avoid spreading spores, but gently dab with a clean sponge soaked in the chosen product and let it dry for at least 72h. If not enough, it is necessary to scrape all the moldy plaster with a metal spatula to leave no bacteria or spores trace. Different kinds of anti-mold products are generally applied on the wall with the classic roller or brush. Some of these products are bases to be laid before the final color, but we more often find “finished” products, that are colored paints ready for use on the wall. It is very important to remember that air inside the house will be again unhealthy, so, for this reason it is necessary to intervene to definitively eliminate environmental humidity by using a controlled mechanical ventilation system (i.e. KontrolAIR) and rising humidity with an easy and guaranteed system such as electrophysical dehumidification (i.e. KontrolDRY).