Problems caused by humidity in the home are often difficult to solve. However there are some habits helping you prevent mold and stains on the walls, which are dangerous for health and also unsightly.

1 - Ventilate as often as possible rooms

Highly efficient insulation and fixtures often cause excess humidity in environments with the well known consequences. Opening the windows as often as possible will naturally help to eliminate excess moisture that would fall on the walls, forming mold and stains. If your house is air-conditioned or heated, opening the windows would cause energy dispersion and the consequent increase in consumption. In this case room ventilation can be managed by stand-alone CMV systems with heat recovery such as KontrolAIR.

2 - Don’t hang clothes inside

The widespread habit (especially in winter) of drying clothes inside the house is one of the main causes of excess humidity in the environment. The purchase of a dryer will allow you to save money on future continuous works to restore the plaster and eliminate mold.

3 - Use the hood when cooking

During cooking, steam forms and, if not correctly channeled towards outside, will deposit on the walls. Always turn on the hood (better extractor rather than filtering) before cooking starts and keep it on for at least 5 minutes after turning off the stove. This will help eliminate excess moisture and prevent the dangerous mold on your walls.

4 - Open the window after the shower

The bathroom is the environment where more water vapor forms: over time showering cause steam deposited in all surfaces (try to mirror after 10 minutes hot shower). Open bathroom window always after a shower: in 15 minutes humidity will return to normal levels.