Moisture has always affected the environment and, like all the problems, hundreds advices should help you eliminate or prevent it. We have analyzed 3 “grandmother's” remedies to eliminate (or at least attenuate) excess humidity problems in order to verify their effectiveness:

1 - Salt in the bowl

Grandmother's manual says that it is sufficient to place a well-drawn towel on a basin and fixed it to basin edges, and put on it an appropriate amount of coarse salt. Salt will attract moisture filtering it directly into the basin, restoring a healthier atmosphere to the room. The method, certainly tested empirically by our grandmothers, will absorb such a small moisture amount that it will be difficult to perceive improvements in environment quality Outcome: Myth to dispel!

2 - Ventilating rooms

In the morning grandma always opens the windows to "exchange the air". Although it can cause some aerodynamic thermal imbalance, airing the rooms is one of the best methods to eliminate excess humidity and improve indoor air quality. Outcome: 100%effective grandmother's method!

3 - Don’t keep plants in closed rooms

Our grandmothers put plants mostly on the balcony, avoiding indoor plants. They often follow this practice, but this habit arises because plants are seen as moisture increasing elements. Some indoor types of plants purify the air by absorbing harmful substances and, through photosynthesis, releasing clean oxygen in the air (an "official" list was drawn up by the NASA in the 1980’s, after a scientific experimentation). Unfortunately, like all plants, even plants that purify the air need water and stagnation in pots and saucers certainly does not help dehumidify the environments. Outcome: Effective grandmother's method (even if she doesn’t know why )!