In a portfolio of solutions for rising damp phenomenon, based on the scientific approach that considers electric charges one of its main causes, after dealing with the now obsolete polarized bars and invasive electrosmosis, active electrophysical system is certainly noteworthy. This system, present for decades in the European landscape, was introduced in Italy in the early 2000s by SKM Italia which today produces and markets KontrolDRY "Capillary rising humidity control system" technology, based precisely on this principle.

Active electrophysical dehumidification: what it is

Active electrophysical dehumidification technologies are in form of small electronic devices emitting a very low frequency electromagnetic field (completely harmless for every living things), able to intervene on the attraction phenomenon between humidity and masonry, eliminating it.

Active electrophysical dehumidification: what to watch out for

This technology has a practically total effectiveness on rising damp, but it is necessary to be careful to some of its limits that could compromise the results. Let us see, below, the cases in which this technology is not effective:

  1. walls against the ground: walls that are in direct lateral contact with the ground (basement floors without interspacing), if not well waterproofed, could suffer lateral infiltrations on which electrophysical technology has no effect.
  2. water system leaks: if there is a leak from a walled pipe, water pressure will exceed the "barrier" of the electrophysical dehumidification system, making it ineffective.
  3. Faraday cage: as the technology is based on the emission of electromagnetic field (moreover very weak), Faraday cage completely eliminates the effect on the building portion within its action range. In building sector, the classic example is the presence of old lift inside wire mesh cages.

In 2001 (and for a few years) the only Italian company producing and marketing in Italy devices based on active electrophysical technology was SKM Italia. Since the second half of the 2000s, other companies have flooded this market with more or less positive results. Today, the dehumidification device market is wide and varied. Our advice is always rely on experienced companies, which have achieved third-party certifications ensuring their operation, safety and quality characteristics. Some companies propose free inspection and estimate by a technician: this is an important added value.

Active electrophysical dehumidification: how to install it 

Active electrophysical dehumidification technologies, such as KontrolDRY, are very easy to install: all you need is a dowel and connection to an electrical socket. Since action field is spherical, its placement should be carefully considered and, to optimize results, it should be as central as possible with respect to the building surface.


  • Compatible with any type of masonry
  • Non-invasive and definitive
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Effective on walls and also on floors
  • Low energy consumption (about € 5 / year)


  • Not effective in case of infiltration in masonries against the ground


The cost is variable, depending on the proposing company and the action range. Indicatively, prices range between € 2,500 and € 4,000 to treat an entire building up to 300 sq. m. approximately.