After talking about under-floor cavity, physical cutting, and chemical barriers among "rising damp solutions", we investigate polarized bars method, introducing a new concept for the approach in the battle against rising damp. Polarized bars belong to the methods basing their operation on the consideration that rising humidity originates from the difference in electrical potential between ground and masonry (in the next articles we will also present other methods based on this approach such as l 'active and passive electrosmosis)

Theoretical foundation of polarized bars method

Humidity (as it is commonly called) is an electrolytic solution of salts of various nature and concentration (in relation to the soil conditions in which it formed). This solution triggers electrokinetic mechanisms inside masonry capillaries. Negative electric field of masonry determines humidity rising due to positive ions (Na +, Mg +, Ca ++, etc.) in the solution.

Polarized bars: what they are

Polarized bars are metal bars (usually steel) long enough to penetrate both in masonry and in ground (usually longer than 2-3 meters). Once installed (in a variable number according to specific factors and on all the structure walls) they polarize spontaneously by electrostatic effect and behave like electric dipoles, balancing pre-existing electric fields and compensating for their charges.

How to install polarized bars in masonry

To attain a satisfactory effect, polarized bars should be applied on all the walls in contact with ground (both inside and outside), within the following steps:
  • wall drilling every 20-50 cm
  • bars insertion
  • deteriorated plasters elimination
  • masonry restoration and finishing

Pros of polarized bars

  1. if positioned correctly, they eliminate rising damp through the walls where they are applied
  2. relatively cheap material

Cons of polarized bars

  1. their application is confined to walls, floors cannot be treated
  2. high labor costs
  3. it provides for very invasive works

Costs of polarized bars application

Polarized bars application costs around € 300/350 per linear meter.