The base of the masonry may result in flaking and swelling of the plaster, molds stains, outcrops of salts and other unpleasant phenomena and, above all, harmful for people living in that environment. The first thing to consider is that the base of the masonry is often an almost unavoidable thermal bridge (due to temperature difference between surrounding ground and construction material). It has some consequences, which may confuse a person without expertise about the actual reasons of the problem.

The first step is observing the problem carefully

Examining in depth the wall degradation is the first thing to do, to get an idea of the problem which is affecting your home. The two main causes are condensation or capillary rise; we will suggest you how to make a first analysis to focus your attention on the right problem.

Condensation effects

  • Dark or greenish spots (mold and spores) on the walls
  • Damp wall with superficial swellings (not always present)

Example of condensation at the base of the walls: dark spots caused by mold and spores

Capillary rising effects

  • Plaster swellings
  • Surfacing salts (in the form of dust, lint or filaments)
  • Low presence or absence (or very small presence) of molds

Example of rising damp with swelling and plaster peeling without any mold or stains

Technician's investigation

Unfortunately environmental humidity effects and capillary rising humidity effects can combine together, thus confusing results of the masonry degradation analysis if carried out by an under qualified person. Following the advices above, will certainly also help you to know how during an eventual interview with an expert. After carrying out a summary autonomous analysis based on our recommendations, the intervention of a duly trained technician is required to carry out an investigation (today thermographic survey is the fastest and most precise solution) to solve the problem. Today many companies dealing with humidity offer a first free inspection but you should always check the history and credibility of the company you are refering. S.K.M. LTD has been dealing with humidity issues for over 17 years, developing innovative and guaranteed solutions! Furthermore, it should be emphasized that rising and condensation are only the two main problems but only a technician may verify the real problem, which is affecting your property. The risk, in implementing "resolutive" actions without consulting a specialist, is to spend money to counter non-existent problems!