You have decided to install new fixtures to avoid energy dispersion and save money 

Excellent choice, the new thermal break PVC or aluminum frames guarantee total building isolation and a greater energy saving. This choice involves several benefits such as:

  • saving on energy bill up to 40%
  • possibility of tax deductions for energy efficiency up to 65%
  • it improves habitability of the house making it acoustically and thermally more insulated.

The new windows and doors are commercially available in different materials:

  • WOOD: it has excellent insulating properties, as well as being very aesthetically pleasing, the costs are around 150-250 euros per square meter but we have to consider the maintenance work on wooden material.
  • PVC: much cheaper, it has costs ranging from 100 to 200 euros per square meter but prices go up a lot if the window to be made is oversized.
  • ALUMINUM: robust and resistant it is probably the most durable even if not the best thermal insulator. Standard cuts usually cost around 250 euros per square meter.

I have isolated the house but mold has begun to form

Probably, before the installation of new fixtures, the mold problem had never occurred. Strange but true, but if, on one hand, new fixtures allow you to benefit by some advantages, on the other hand, the lack of "healthy old drafts" on the windows, makes necessary to increase the airing of the rooms, to prevent the water vapor created during our daily life causes environmental humidity . The environmental humidity, if too high, creates mold and spores that are deposited in our walls, creating a smelly environment and especially unhealthy for those who live in these buildings. Usually, the annoying phenomenon begins to form in the most hidden points, such as behind the furniture or in the corners and then extends both on the walls and even inside the furniture, permeating whatever is inside, such as clothes, objects, books, etc. .

What are the remedies?

To limit this, it is necessary to follow three simple suggestions:

  • Ventilate all the rooms as much as possible, several times a day, especially bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Avoid drying clothes inside the house
  • Avoid keeping large quantities of plants in a room

If these simple, even if banal, suggestions should not suffice then it is the case to opt for a solution that allows a constant automatic air recycling, like KontrolAIR  Skm Italia has designed and developed a latest generation CMV device which, unlike traditional systems on the market, analyzes environmental data (both indoor and outdoor), using sensors and microprocessors, and activates an air recycling aimed at optimizing environmental comfort.   KontrolAIR is also equipped with an exclusive heat recovery unit that allows air-conditioned / heated rooms to perform an air recycling with no impact on the indoor climate.