If you have problems with rising damp you will find different commercial solutions... but why choosing KontrolDRY?

Here are 5 simple, but above all, good reasons:

  • No masonry intervention 

Very often, when it is necessary to carry out some work, we tend to postpone interventions execution to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience due to workers at home. KontrolDRY is the best ever solution against rising damp! During the project study phase, the exact device location is identified on the plan, based on the shape and size of the building to be restored and, since the device has a spherical action radius, the installation is arranged in a central plant position, so that the technology action radius includes the entire building to be dehumidified. Then, a simple plug and a common electrical socket are all you need to install KontrolDRY system…. Easier done than said!

  • Lifetime guaranteed results

Dehumidification with KontrolDRY is lifetime guaranteed! When you choose KontrolDRY technology to dehumidify your property, you choose to get a money back guarantee. Before the installation, a technical specialist carries out a free, no strings inspection to ascertain rising damp presence and to exclude any different causes (i.e. infiltrations, heat bridges…), in order to subsequently offer the exclusive money back formula in the quote, that grants dehumidification with KontrolDRY lifetime. At the technology installation, the moisture content into the walls is monitored using two different methods of customer choosing:

  • thermographic method - through latest infrared equipment it is possible to view humidity inside a building. A report is issued to the customer with some thermographic shots, which will then be compared with subsequent monitoring, to observe decrease in rising damp and its disappearance.

This system is also used during the inspection phase, to exclude any other kind of problem not relating to capillary rise.

  • calcium carbide method - it allows to know the exact humidity level in the walls in real time. A small portion of masonry is taken and is analyzed using a special kit; moisture content of the sample reacts with calcium carbide producing gas; the increase in pressure inside the container is measured with a manometer and then displayed as percentage of moisture in the sample. Standard UNI 11121: 2004 "Cultural heritage - Natural and artificial stones —In field water content determination by calcium carbide method "). Thereafter, a second monitoring is carried out to observe the moisture level in the masonry until it totally disappears.


  • Suitable to all environments

KontrolDRY system is suitable to any environment and to any masonry affected by rising damp. It can be installed in any type of building, ranging from public buildings to private houses, schools, religious places, libraries, hospitals.... In short, there are no limitations to installing KontrolDRY, since its action field acts directly on water molecules, preventing them from rising. KontrolDRY is the only TUV Italy certified dehumidification system, completely harmless for people and animals and it does not interfere with any other electrical or electromedical items: that is why it is the most widely used system to eliminate rising damp in buildings!  

  • Cheap

It is certainly cheaper than any other invasive system (as well as having a lifetime warranty on the result!) Don’t you believe it? Try requesting an estimate for any other system (masonry cutting, under-ground cavity, insulating sheaths...) you will see that labor and material price will be much higher than that of KontrolDRY technology installation, besides the discomfort of works at home and no guarantee of results.

  • Easy to use

After installing KontrolDRY system, all you have to do is waiting for the autonomous conclusion of dehumidification process. No maintenance is required, the only care is to keep an eye to display sometimes (if there is a problem, an alarm bell activates and if necessary call our customer service). At present, it is the most up-to-date electrophysical system on the market; in the future, if the system will be upgraded, a USB stick will be sent to the customer; KontrolDRY device is equipped with USB port to self-install any upgrades.   Are you still thinking about it? Choose KontrolDRY to have a healthy home!